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Renovation: The Main Bedroom Suite

Today I continue with the blog series detailing recent home renovation. The main bedroom (which I'm trying to remember not to call the "master" bedroom any more, but please bear with my old brain as I try to rewire it) is the thing that really sold me on this house.

It's a suite of rooms, and that had me smiling right down to my toes. In my former home, my bedroom was a decent size with nice windows and a hardwood floor, but it didn't have a private bath or enough closet space for two people.

While ideal for a family with young children because the bedrooms were very close together, it wasn't much on privacy. If anyone entered my home unexpectedly and I didn't have the bathroom door closed, it took them all of three steps to get a full view of me.

Since small children aren't much for closed bathroom doors, this could be an issue. So, a private bathroom, well away from entrances, with a bedroom tucked away in it's own section of the house, was a dream come true.

This blog post is part of a series I'm doing on my recent home renovation. To read more, begin here.

Also, this suite of rooms had - no exaggeration - NINE closets! Nine! One closet is in what we've come to call "the sitting room", two in the dressing room, one in the bathroom, and five in the bedroom itself. How wild is that? After a little investigating, I discovered that the people who built the house did not like slanted ceilings, so they built closets to cover them.

They used the bedroom closets for long-term storage and put clothes in the dressing room closets. Since there's already plenty of storage in the house, I decided to make some adjustments.

BEFORE: Originally, this bedroom was light green with beige carpet. In this photo, you can see three of the closets. A third door is on the left side of the window. The partial door frame pictured to the right is the entrance from the dressing room.

BEFORE: This is the back wall of the bedroom. These large windows let in a lot of light.

BEFORE: Pictured here are two more closets on either side of the window, plus part of the built in bookshelves. The closet on the left was a long as the closet on the right, which extends to the back wall.

BEFORE: Every bedroom in this house has built-in bookshelves with cabinets or drawers below. Since I love books, it was an easy decision to keep them. And these cabinets are the perfect place to store those random things we aren't sure what to do with.

IN PROGRESS: We removed the old carpet and painted the walls pink! The ceiling, cabinet doors, closet doors, and trim also got a fresh coat of white. The color is hard to see in these photos because the overhead lighting wasn't very bright.

AFTER: My husband wasn't too excited about the color, but it's much more subtle with the carpet, furniture, decorations, and a new light! Before, it had a standard white ceiling fan light. I wanted something with more bling. We considered taking out the closets on the closets on the right, but decided that in the interest of time and budget, they'd be just fine. I decorated with intimate family photos and art, soft and velvety fabrics, and subtle colors to make it a relaxing space. My husband's dresser is a family heirloom.

AFTER: I especially love the velvety, champagne-colored chair in the corner and my pink salt lamp beside it. I repurposed some painted end tables for this space. Side tables that matched the bed just looked too dark and clunky in this space. Eventually, I'll probably add softly colored throw pills to the bed, but I have to let my husband adjust to the pink walls first. Poor guy.

BEFORE: The room was painted milk chocolate with white trim and beige carpet. Two large windows are on the back wall. So the question was, "What should we do with this room?" sitting room. Beyond that you see the doorway into the dressing room, and beyond that the doorway into the bedroom.

BEFORE: The room was painted milk chocolate with white trim and beige carpet. Two large windows are on the back wall. So the question was, "What should we do with this room?"

AFTER: We decided to make the room into a "family room." We lightened up the paint color to Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and touched up the trim. We installed grayish-beige carpet and blackout curtains to match the rest of the windows in the suite. We also added an overhead light fixture because there hadn't been one before.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the final two rooms of the house - the main bathroom and.... You'll never believe what we turned that former dressing room into! Thanks for reading and please, take a moment to subscribe to my blog so you never miss a post.

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