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Renovation: Bedrooms

I am in the middle of a blog series on the renovations we recently did to our new home. While we did major renovations on the main floor (particularly the kitchen and den), the changes to the bedrooms upstairs were more design-related than structural. We have four bedrooms upstairs and today we're going to look at the kid's bedrooms and guest room.

BEFORE: The walls in the guest bedroom before were nicely painted and maintained. The finish on the wood floor was unfortunately different than the finish on the hallway and other bedrooms. I also decided that I didn't want any black walls in my home. It's just a personal preference as I thought this one looked fine, but was easy to change.

BEFORE: It had red accents - curtain rods and drawer pulls.

BEFORE: For some unknown reason, all the trim in this room was bright white. We painted it to match the rest of the trim in the bedrooms.

AFTER: We repainted the black wall with a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue.

IN PROGRESS: We sanded the old finish off the floors so we could match it to the rest of the house.

AFTER: The newly stained floor.

AFTER: The trim and doors needed fresh paint, but this room didn't take much work.

AFTER: We replaced the red curtain rod with this gold one to compliment the other gold accents throughout the house. We decided on simple, sheer curtains in this room to allow in the light but still provide some privacy.

AFTER: The previous owner left the television mount and shelf on the wall and we decided to leave them up in case we ever decide to put a TV in this room.

AFTER: We repainted the once-red drawer knobs to match the navy blue wall (yesterday...). Eventually, I will fill these shelves with some pretty things. I just hung this framed watercolor by a family friend, which makes me smile every time I see it. I'm looking forward to filling this room up with our first overnight guests this weekend.

BEFORE: The boy's bedroom before. Every bedroom in this house has built-in drawers and bookshelves. The wall between the drawers and shelves was painted black and the drawers had brass American eagle drawer pulls.

BEFORE: It was time for the carpet to be replaced throughout the entire house.

BEFORE: It has a nice, large closet. The inside was baby blue, which we discovered was the original color of this room. (We saved that update for another day.)

IN PROGRESS: We tore out the carpet (throughout the house) and painted the wall behind the built-ins the same navy as in the guest room and throughout the main floor. We freshened up the drawers with new paint and drawer pulls.

AFTER: We don't have an overhead light yet, so we have a lot of lamps. The drawer pulls on the upper drawers are navy blue with white space-themed designs. The bottom drawers have simple, brushed nickel handles.

AFTER: We changed out the curtains with navy blackout curtains with silver star-like silver spots to go with the theme of "The Sky's the Limit!" We decorated the walls with my older son's artwork.

AFTER: Below is the boys' custom bunkbed. It helps keeps our younger son (who has Down syndrome) safe on the bottom bunk.

BEFORE: Now we come to the girl's room before, complete with a window seat that must have become the cat's bed... I didn't intend to repaint this room because the previous owner had made it look really cute with light pink accents. However, upon further inspection, we realized it would be necessary to repaint. We worked with our daughter to decide on the new design.

BEFORE: This bedroom has great natural light from three large windows.

BEFORE: When we removed several of the things that were on the wall, it was damaged because they were glued on (with superglue?). The upholstered chair was original to the house and has since found a new home.

BEFORE: The wood floor in here was a different color than the adjacent hallway.

IN PROGRESS: We refinished the floors to match the rest of the house...

IN PROGRESS: Finished floors and Kilz Restoration Maximum Stain and Odor Blocking Primer/Sealer on the lower walls and drawers to take care of pet odors.

IN PROGRESS: We then painted the built-in drawers and shelves. We also removed everything from the closet, did a deep clean, primed with Kilz, and then put up a fun, feminine wallpaper.

IN PROGRESS: Then we used a standard primer to cover the dark brown.

IN PROGRESS: Because the walls were dark and there was damage, we used a drywall hole-filler putty to repair them, then primed the rest of the walls and added fresh paint to the cabinets. We got another surprise in this room when we applied the primer. At some point, a previous owner had "repaired" cracks in the walls with duct tape! It took us a while to figure out what was going on. We removed the peeling duct tape, which must have lasted many years. Who knew duct tape could be used for that? We repaired the cracks, and painted over them. We also painted the built-in shelves and cabinets Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk to match the other trim in the room.

AFTER: Our favorite part! Her accent wall. She requested one wall in each color (a brighter version). A friend suggested doing an accent wall with a geometric design. After scouring Pinterest, we came up with this design. The softer colors go well with the comforter and accents she chose, so she loves it.

AFTER: It took four coats of paint (plus all the primer) to find the right color for the walls. We wanted the slightest hint of lavender without having a purple room. That color ended up being Benjamin Moore Metro Gray. We added 2" white blinds, ombre pink curtains, and new drawer hardware AND... it is finished!

AFTER: A soothing, sensory-friendly space that our daughter can call her own. Full of luxuriously soft layers of textiles to wrap her up in comfort.

AFTER: One of my favorite new additions to her bedroom is the genuine sheepskin rug at the foot of the bed. I found it on clearance and knew it'd be perfect. It's so soft when you walk in the room.

AFTER: I hated putting anything in front of that wall, but it's the only wall space in the room for her dresser. She is using the built-in drawers for art supplies and other storage. Also, my dad is coming soon to install overhead lights in the bedrooms, but for now we just have a lot of lamps.

AFTER: Of course, we had to hang up some family photos. In this room, we also repainted all the doors. My daughter saw a wallpapered closet a few years ago and has wanted one ever since, so we made it happen.

Please note that the links posted above go to an Amazon Smile page which gives a percentage of all sales to the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network. This organization has been incredible in helping us through the first few years of our youngest son's life. We love to give back to them in any way we can.

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