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Truth from Genesis: Please Bless my Children

Genesis 15:6 says, "Abram believed the Lord, and He credited it to him as righteousness." Abram was blessed because he believed God's promises. The truth from Genesis is that no one around him had any outstanding merit of their own, but they were blessed!

Lot, who repaid Abraham's kindness with greed, was blessed because of Abraham (Genesis 19:29)! Sarah, who treated her servants cruelly, was blessed (Genesis 16 and 21)! Hagar, an Egyptian slave with no relationship with God, was blessed because she bore Abram a son who God took care of even when Abraham didn't. (also Genesis 16 and 21)! The book of Genesis is one of my favorite for all the truth and fascinating stories in it.

Anyone who was a good part of Abraham's life was blessed.

We can learn about the nature of God from these stories. God counts as righteous those who believe His promises. When God chooses to bless someone, the blessings often extend to those around them.

Bottom line? At the very beginning, in Genesis, we learn the truth that we so often forget: blessings aren't earned. All Abraham had to do to be blessed by God was believe, and the rest of his family was blessed because of it. While I know there are no formulas in the Kingdom of God, I do know that God promises to bless those who believe in Him with eternal life in heaven. The best way to see your family blessed by God is to believe in Him for yourself.

P.S. God's blessings don't often look like what we have in mind. His ways are so much higher than ours. Abraham and Sarah's story of "blessing" includes infertility, homelessness, war, famine, and sacrifice. Don't get bogged down in the struggle. God WILL keep all the promises He makes to you.

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