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Unplug and Plug It Back In

Have you noticed any trends in your life when you consider being kind to yourself and resting? Do you take "a lazy day" - which I understand is a new social media trend. Don't you love it when the next generation discovers how effective following God's laws is?

Yes, even the younger generation has discovered how much more productive and effective they can be when they unplug. When we don't take a break, it might not catch up with us immediately, but eventually it will. God designed us to need to reset and recharge, so why do we try to keep going, endlessly working when "He gives His beloved rest"?

So, I'm going to lead the way on this one. It's time to unplug and plug it back in.

Remember how I've written and spoken about how you're likely going to feel when God asks you to do something? I stand by my past words - I feel like puking. Giving up this house that I find to be glorious and absolutely perfect is HARD.

It's emotionally difficult because it feels like I've created a masterpiece and I'm passing it on to someone else. It's physically difficult because we're getting one house ready for my in-laws, about to start working on the house we're moving into, and moving our things ourselves. It's even spiritually difficult because God has spoken so clearly to me in this house, in the chair I'm sitting in right now as I type, and throughout all the rooms. So much of who I am today has come about in this house.

I know God has orchestrated this move because He's answered my impossible prayers in miraculous ways, and I believe He's saying I will be content in my next home. It's taking all the faith I have to let go of my prized possession to reach out and take His outstretched hand. When God asks something of you, it doesn't mean it won't be hard.

I want to be transparent about that and not lead you to believe this level of trust is easy or cheap. It feels so costly. Frankly, I'm tired, and my stress level is ridiculously high. I have so much to tell you to encourage you in what God has done, what He can do for you, too. I simply don't have the capacity to do it well right now.

If you're going through something hard right now, let me offer you this tidbit to help you make it through. UNPLUG. Drop the things that aren't necessities. As hard as it may be, evaluate what's essential and what's not, and let go of what's not essential. That fancy birthday party you wanted to plan for your little one? Eh. Something simple will do. You get the point?

For a few weeks, I'm unplugging so I can focus on this move and my family. I tried to take two weeks off in May to work ahead, but it didn't work the way I planned. I needed that two weeks off to get my house ready to sell and deal with contract negotiations and that kind of fun stuff. Writing didn't happen much at all. When I plug it back in, I expect to return refreshed and ready to share all that God has done in recent months.

Do you need to take some time off this summer to rest and re-set? I mean, a total unplugging? Will the internet go on without you? I'd love to hear what you're doing to observe Sabbath and be kind to yourself.



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