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Totally In Love

This morning I am sitting on the couch in the living room watching beautiful snow fall while my sweet daughter sleeps soundly in the swing. My dear husband is outside working. A good friend is on her way from Nashville to see us. After a lonely season as a new bride in an area of the country I moved away from as a child, without a job where I regularly interact with peers, sick and on pregnancy bed rest, I am finally feeling good and starting to make some friends. I’m getting ready to start a women’s Bible study in my home soon. My mom is done with chemo treatments. We just wrapped up a week full of visiting with several of Eliana’s aunts and uncles and were able to share our joy with them.

Today is a GOOD day.

I am so thankful to be able to say I am totally in love. My heart is full of overwhelming adoration for this tiny little blessing, this new person to love. My heart is full of love for her daddy, who does all he can to make our lives good.

So often in life we face unbearable storms, trials, and difficult times. There is never a perfect day. People are messy, life is messy, and storms are a part of our journey. But I have made a point to acknowledge the GOOD days. And today is one of those days.

Thank You, God, for Your many blessings. For those who are not having a good day, please bring peace, healing, and joy. Thank You for giving us strength for the hard times, and thank You for dancing with us during the times of joy.

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