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The Next Steps To Health and Fitness

I've been actively involved in this training program at Fusion Training, my local training center, (gym) for over four months. In that time, I've seen some fantastic results. Besides losing weight, I've greatly increased my muscle tone, increased my energy and stamina, lowered my blood sugar (A1C is 5.8, down from 7.0, and fasting blood sugar is 105, down from 147), lowered my resting heart rate from 83 to 69, regained my mental clarity and creativity, and gained a lot of confidence. I'm also completely off all prescription medications.

Since I lost that initial amount of weight, one thing that hasn't changed like I'd hoped is more weight loss. My initial weight loss was due to dramatically reducing the amount of food I ate, which I was able to due with the assistance of the diabetes medication I took. But I also changed my diet, eliminating most simple carbs and sweets.

After I got my blood sugar under control through exercise, I was able to eat pretty much anything I wanted and still see good numbers. Although that's awesome, it impacted my motivation to make consistently healthy choices. I continue to eat significantly less, but I haven't been intentional about nutrition for a few weeks.

The bottom line is that I want to eat what I want, when I want, and I get rebellious when I try to follow a program that restricts my choices. I stick to a plan for a while, but then I allow myself a little reward. That reward tends to lead to more "little rewards," and inevitably some tough situation comes along that challenges me. That's when I lose all sense of control and turn to food for comfort. I hate that pattern and I'm working to establish new, healthy coping skills.

So far, the best thing I've found to do is just acknowledge the problem when I get off track, ask God to forgive me, and get back to doing what I know to do.

So after a few weeks of feeling sorry for myself and allowing the weight of my current circumstances to get me down, these are the things I plan to do to move this fitness goal to the next level.

  1. More cardio. I've been slacking off on moving my body on days I'm not going to training, and that stops right now. Moving my body every day is essential for good health, so I will do it even when it's hard and no one is watching.

  2. Good nutrition. I've tried it all and nothing supports the immune system and reduces anxiety as well as consistently putting good things into the body. It's not all about what to avoid! I will intentionally include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in my high protein diet. I will also write down what I eat and drink so that I'm more aware of my choices and how they make me feel.

  3. Fresh air. As a writer, I am fairly content to sit inside all day and let the world outside pass me by, but when I force myself to get outside, I'm so thankful. Fresh air and sunshine are good for the mind and body. We all need more Vitamin D! So I will make an effort to get outside for at least 15 minutes every day.

  4. Fasting. I used to fast one day a week, every week, for both spiritual and physical reasons. It made me feel great and kept my focus on what's important. I haven't done much fasting since I got married and started having babies, and it's time to get back to it. If you research the physical benefits of intermittent fasting, you may be surprised to find out how good this biblical practice is for physical health.

As my trainer pointed out to me this morning, I have come a long way in four months. No longer do I fight anxiety every morning as I get ready to leave. I look forward to the training sessions, enjoying the hard work and the feeling of accomplishment. I've figured out how to manage the muscle soreness (Epsom salt/essential oil baths!), and it's more like a happy reminder that I worked hard than a miserable, screaming pain. Typically. While I still need a lot more work on my core strength, I've significantly increased the amount of weight I can lift. I no longer need daily naps. I have new confidence and strength.

I've accomplished so much and I'm not stopping now. So check out my Instagram Stories this week for pictures of my nutrition choices and increased cardio (hopefully outside) as I work to achieve the next level of becoming fit and healthy in every way!

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