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Parenting Perspective: End of the school Year

Whew. May is wild, isn't it? My fourth grader is in his last year of elementary, and he has no fewer than EIGHT special events during these last couple weeks at the end of the school year. I'm chaperoning roller skating parties and bringing in special snacks and trying to figure out how to thank these amazing teachers and aides who have taken such excellent care of our kiddos this year. You, too?

So, just in case you need permission from someone, I want to give you permission to say NO to the extra things. For the next few weeks, at the end of the school year, you are free to cancel anything you don't HAVE to do, or anything that doesn't just light up your soul. Postpone it. Reschedule it. or just cancel it completely.

You have permission to rest. You have permission to refuse to dress your child up in one more crazy outfit you'd have to buy just for this day. I'll even give you permission not to look at every single one of their papers that comes home in that take-home folder! Sort through it for information you might actually need, and dump the rest in the recycle bin. Ahhh....

I also give you permission to serve hot dogs and pretzels for supper tonight. Or cereal. Whatever is easy and will likely delight your children anyway. They're ready for the end of the school year, too.

Leave the dishes in the sink and get outside. Pull some weeds, plant your garden, or just go for a walk. The flowers are blooming. The weather is FINALLY nice. And you only have a few more days when you don't have to arrange for childcare before you can do something just for yourself.

That's all I've got for today. I'm about to go finish planting my garden before it gets too hot outside.



Parenting Perspective
End of the School Year

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