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Hiatus: May 6-19, 2024

Hello, Friend!

This post is a note to let you know I'm taking a couple weeks to focus on getting ahead for the summer months. It's not a vacation, so I'm calling it a hiatus: a pause or gap in a sequence. I like to spend that time focused on my children, gardening, and as tech-free as possible! So, I'll be writing away over here, but you'll have to wait a while to read it all. Please feel free to shoot me a message if there's something you'd be interested in reading more about. You know how much I love to write.

This blog isn't about my love for writing, though. It's actually all about YOU. You mean so much to me, and there wouldn't be much of a blog without you. I appreciate you more than I can say. My prayer is always that God's words flow through my fingers as I write, equipping you to grow stronger in your faith and family life.

48-year-old caucasian brunette woman wearing pink and black
You matter to me!

As always, if I can serve you through coaching or speaking at your upcoming event, please send me a message at




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