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I’m happy. I’m living in one of those times I know I’ll remember fondly for the rest of my life; I’m trying to savor each day and appreciate it. To my surprise, I’ve discovered that sometimes happiness brings with it a quiet sense of peace and security, rather than an exotic, unmanageable, wild, raging fire. I expected my world to start exploding with fireworks, but God seems to be lighting up the path before me with one unique and brilliant light to admire at a time.

I wonder if happiness is more like a hand held out to me, a strong and steady arm ready to walk with me down the steep and slippery slope, calmly guiding me to a rich and lush valley full of new and wonderful pleasures. I want to be a little quiet, a little watchful, and shake my head in wonder at the way God works.

I think when God says He will do things that we could never think of, He means it. Our minds just don’t work like His. He sees the big picture and all we see are our little worlds. Come, Lord Jesus, and have Your way in my life. I stand in reverent wonder at the things You are doing.

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