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Has God ever spoken to you through a dream? Sometimes our dreams are so weird and wild, it's hard to imagine they might mean anything. And what about nightmares? Are dreams messages from God or the result of our vivid imaginations?

I recently read a book that basically said ALL dreams are from God. I had to read that part twice. Really? Those nightmares I had as a child were from God? That inappropriate dream about that inappropriate person was from God? I'm not so sure! I've come to this conclusion - some dreams are from God and some are due to medication, food choices, or an unresolved issue we're trying to work out.

I'm a vivid dreamer, and sometimes my dreams seem like messages from God. I decided it's a good idea to learn more about dream interpretation and not dismiss my dreams so easily, so I started researching. What does the Bible have to say about dreams? What do other Christians write about dreams? It's an interesting topic!

Before I knew I was pregnant with Eliana, I had a dream I treasure. God, sitting on His throne, called to a group of joyful children playing freely in a nearby field. "Eliana, will you come talk to me?"

A four year old girl, blonde hair streaming behind her, quickly left her friends to come to His side. He smiled at her with such love and explained that while it wasn't time yet, her daddy and mommy had been praying for her to come right away. He asked if she'd be willing to go, explaining that it was okay if she didn't want to. It was a lot to ask her to give up the perfection of heaven early to go to a broken and hurting world where she'd encounter pain. She smiled sweetly at him, and it appeared she understood the full ramifications of her answer.

"I'd be happy to go now. I'm so excited to meet them."

A few days later, I got a positive pregnancy test, and we have a daughter who's earnest sweetness is only rivaled by her healthy dose of spiciness.

The dream was so real, I can recall it instantly today. As soon as I woke up that morning, I knew it was special. I wasn't in the habit of writing down my dreams at that time, but I wrote this one down on a scrap of paper with the date and stuck it in my Bible, full of hope.

Recently, I woke deeply upset over a disturbing dream regarding the torture and abuse of women. There was NO WAY that dream could've been from God! I've learned to write down meaningful dreams right away so I don't forget the details, but I refused to write that one down.

It disturbed me for days. Then, during prayer, I saw the dream WAS from God. He wanted to show me the deep shame some women face. God needed me to comprehend their pain so I could know how to minister to them. Tears fell as I began to pray for women who've been abused and mistreated, aware of how deep the shame and humiliation can go.

My parents recognized the power of my dreams and the nightmares that plagued me as a young child. (Those weren't from the Lord.) They believe in the power of prayer and began to ask God to give me sweet dreams. They taught me to say, with confidence, "God hasn't given me a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind!" (2 Tim 1:7). The Lord answered their prayers and as long as they prayed for me, I had good dreams. I now pray for my children to have sweet dreams.

In my study of dream interpretation, I've learned to be very careful about who to listen to. Satan offers counterfeit dream interpretation through psychics, and they've posted dream interpretation encyclopedias online. Often, these websites offer to interpret your dream for you for their low, low price. You don't need to pay anyone to interpret your dreams. If God gave you the dream, He'll give you the interpretation. Ask Him to show you what it means, search Scripture for what the Bible has to say about the details, and listen carefully. Ask a trusted friend what they think. After you feel like you have a good grasp on the interpretation, you can look online for "Christian dream interpretation". STILL make sure you check the source before you put any stock in it.

Here are some dream interpretation nuggets I've found:

  • Write out your dreams as soon as possible so you don't forget.

  • It's universally believed that dreams are symbolic, not literal.

  • People in dreams typically represent one of their prominent character traits and are not literally themselves. There are exceptions, like when I dreamed about Eliana before she was born.

  • How you feel as the circumstances in your dream are unfolding is more important than what's actually happening.

  • Details are important. Take note of colors, textures, clothing, and things that seem very out of place. Consider what each detail might represent. I once had a dream in which everything inside the building in front of me was beige, while everything outside was rich with color. That dream was God's way of showing me how flat and dull life becomes when we get sucked into television and social media.

You can help your children understand their dreams as well. Pay close attention when a child says, "I had a dream last night!" Sweet little Eliana had a dream years ago, before Redmond could walk, where she was helping him walk. She said it was THE BEST dream! At the time, it was hard for us to imagine, but God showed her the future in that dream. During the time he was learning to walk, she'd joyfully exclaim to me, "This is just like my dream!"

A particularly meaningful dream dream can have multiple interpretations and different times in your life. A dream can be a warning or a way for God to give us direction. I just read in book in which a woman saw a calendar with dates after March, 2020, crossed out. She asked God to help her understand and made major life decisions based on it, totally unsure if she was doing the right thing. It was definitely the right thing to do.

Don't dismiss your dreams. Ask God to speak to you in your dreams. Study the Bible for what it has to say about dreams. They are a powerful tool God uses to communicate with us.

What are your dreams? I'd love to hear and help you consider how God might be speaking to you! (For the low, low price of zero dollars.) Also, will you please leave me a comment below? What do you think? Positive or negative. On a blog, feedback is really appreciated!

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