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Danger: Desperate for Control

Satan is dangerous. Have you forgotten that? Things like horoscopes and palm reading may seem harmless or great fun, but they are a trap. People, we are desperate for control, and we think we just might be able to find it if we find just the right person to read our fortune. But Satan, the father of lies, offers a distorted truth. It's always evil. EVIL.

What God offers us is pure and right. He gives us light for the next step we are to take, and rarely does He shine a light further on up ahead for us. If He does, it's typically so we can relax and wait patiently for what He's going to do. Unfortunately, we're not very patient. When God does shine that light up ahead of us, we often find ourselves work- work- working to try to help God make that happen.

God gave us the gift of prophecy to help us when we're struggling. A prophet understands truth and justice and can get to the heart of the matter. People who practice prophecy are rare these days, though. The church speaks very little about it. But when a Christian is in tune with the Holy Spirit, we will hear God speak. He's not going to speak so we can feel more in control, but to give us guidance and let us know He loves us.

Some have been deceived into thinking their gift of "sight" is from Satan, but he's not capable of giving people gifts. Only God is able to create in us supernatural gifts. A person with true "sight" is a confused prophet of God. The gifts and callings of God are present whether a person follows God or not. If they renounce Satan and turn to God, the gift of prophecy will flourish in them.

If you meet a person who seems to have insight into your life, or someone who says they can see your deceased loved one and they have a message for you, although it may be VERY tempting to hear what they have to say, RUN! Unless they tell you that the message is from God/the Holy Spirit/Jesus, go the other direction as fast as you can. It's nothing but lies from Satan.

Satan disguises his lies in a pretty package at first, but it's pure deception. Soon, the rot and destruction beneath the surface come to steal, kill, and destroy. Don't even put your toe in the door of those places.

Satan is dangerous.

He wants to keep you from doing everything God has called you to do. God has prepared good works for you to do, things that can change the world. Satan is terrified of you having enough faith and courage to do those things, so he will try to stop you. He will send confusion and happily bind you in spiritual chains.

Your desperate need for control may tell you that insight for your life will help you, or your loved one's message will clear up questions you have. You don't have to have every question cleared up. Just give those questions to the Lord. If He wants to clear them up, He will. God will give you pure, trustworthy insight when you need it through prayer, Bible study, and praise. And yes, through prophecy.

Get to know God and let Him guide your life. He will lead you into all truth.

If you're involved in any kind of activity that includes horoscopes, palm reading, speaking with the dead, spirit guides, psychics, voodoo, or the like, you aren't doing something fun, harmless, or slightly questionable. You are in danger. Repent. Ask God to help you see the truth. Walk away and don't ever look back.

Satan is Dangerous


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