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Book Trailer Video

I read about book trailer videos a couple years ago when I first started writing my book. As I looked into them, I thought I'd throw up. A video version of me talking about my book, trying to share enough of the story that potential readers would want to know more? UGH. I couldn't even consider it.

I'd been told several years ago that I should do YouTube videos and that made me laugh out loud. Why would anyone want to look at me on video? I was very sure that wasn't something I was called to do in any way. If you'd asked me the source of my insecurity, I think I would've said that it wasn't insecurity. It was just reality. (That's how deep my insecurity went.)

But I partnered with a writing/marketing coach and one of the first suggestions she had was to do 40 days of Facebook Live. She wanted me to become comfortable with a camera in my face. I felt like my face would turn purple with embarrassment, but I did it. Okay... I didn't make it to 40 days because seriously, hair and makeup for 40 days straight??? But I made it for over three weeks. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be.

So I started doing a few YouTube videos. Then I looked into doing a sample video of my speaking events so potential clients might get an idea of what to expect. That was going to cost a bagillion dollars (don't ask me how much that is exactly because I was too afraid to ask), so I just started doing little videos here and there to get more comfortable with it. And then, this year, I've done the unfathomable - Instagram Story videos of me with no makeup, hair pulled back, and sweaty from the workout I just completed. (Thankfully, they disappear after 24 hours...) Who am I?!

And then, a couple of months ago, I got the email. The one that forced me out of my comfort zone again. A good friend had encouraged me last year to be an event sponsor for the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network Rockin' Mom Retreat that was scheduled to be in Denver, CO, this weekend. Since I apparently enjoy making myself very uncomfortable, I decided to do it. I researched how to do an event display, what I'd need to have a little book table in the exhibit hall where I'd have the opportunity to meet the other moms and tell them about my book. Maybe a few would buy one and I'd get to sign them? I was hopeful that it would "build brand recognition" and help me increase book sales so the testimony of God's goodness would be heard to a greater audience.

Except, COVID-19 forced the retreat to go virtual. I'd already gotten my tablecloths and posters and signs. I'd convinced my friend to come along and help me work at the table. I had my reservations and paid my fees. Dang it. But the email said that I had a new opportunity to make a video to share with retreat attendees. A video? My mouth went completely dry.

I did some more research and discovered that a "story video" or "book trailer" was exactly what I needed - not only for the event but for marketing/branding in general. A sweet friend from Nashville helped get me figure out how to plan it. Another friend from Nashville helped me think through my "look", and a local friend hooked me up with a videographer. The gagillion dollars I expected to pay was just my fear taking over and the actual cost for all that video and editing was reasonable.

After working very hard over the last couple years to become comfortable with marketing and branding and all that goes along with successfully publishing a book, overcoming so much anxiety and literal dread that I thought I might have a stroke some days, I have finally completed a video book trailer!

Over the next week, I'll be showing snippets of it on social media. I'd appreciate interaction from you all when you see those videos - like, comment, and share! This testimony of God's goodness is one that I want the world to know so we can bring glory to God's name.


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