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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I wrote this blog 10 years ago. A friend reminded me of it this week and I decided it's worth sharing again because I needed to be reminded of it all these years later.

I’m wondering lately what might happen if we dare to believe – to really, truly believe that God will do what He promises and to trust Him through even the most challenging circumstances when it seems that you might be nothing more than a failure – or possibly even insane. What might happen if we dare to believe, if we dare to tell others what we are believing God for, and ask them to believe with us? Is it possible that if we hold on to that belief, even through the fear, that God will miraculously intervene on our behalf and rescue us?


Noah looked like a fool to those around him.  He built an ark in a time when no one had ever seen rain. It took him hundreds of years of following God’s specific instructions to do something no one had ever done before - and then to load animals on it. Then the door closed and he waited.  Only then did God send the rain.

Nancy Alcorn, who started Mercy Multiplied, gave away the first $15,000 donated to her ministry. She felt God told her that in giving, her ministry would be blessed. A short time later she received $150,000. God has continued to bless her ministry as she has repeatedly been challenged to trust Him, has believed and been faithful, and is now reaping great rewards. 

Jesus He did miraculous things every day of His three years of ministry, but first - He went into the wilderness where He fasted for 40 days and was tempted by Satan.  His ministry began after He had endured the mighty struggle. 

How many of us are willing to endure the mighty struggle? How many of us are so determined to be found faithful that we wait through our fear and confusion, wait through our loneliness, hunger, and pain? Jesus was hungry and alone for 40 days. Nancy gave away the money she desperately needed to start the ministry she felt called to do. Noah faced hundreds of years of ridicule and misunderstanding. What are we willing to endure?


There’s a moment when the pain becomes worth it. And in the days that follow that moment, it becomes more and more clear that it was worth it.


Ten years ago, I had just been laid off from my job as a women's minister, the job that felt like God's calling on my life. I was in shock because I didn’t think radical obedience to God could include the fear, disappointment, and hurt that had came my way. I didn't realize how God would bless me through that process, allowing me to know Him more deeply than I knew possible. I didn't know that He was preparing me for a future I couldn't comprehend. I asked myself, "Am I really willing to endure the mighty struggle to see the truth of God’s plan for my life?" And I decided - This moment is my moment.

I chose to believe, and it has made all the difference.

As always, if this writing has helped you, will you take a moment to share it with your friends and on social media? It means so much to me to know that what I'm writing is an encouragement to someone else.

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