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Our culture has accepted a lie that the easy way out is the "responsible" thing to do. We're told we can "be responsible" and erase the problem. God's way is different though. In His economy, responsibility means facing hard situations head on and putting truth above lies.

If we read the fascinating book of Genesis (for real), we see a different story. God could have let Abraham's concubine, Hagar, and their son die in the wilderness. It would've been so convenient. They were Abraham's biggest mistake, and generations of trouble that continues to this day would have been spared if God would've just looked away.

God doesn't take the easy way out, though. He doesn't spare the world the generations of war and hatred to come, which some would call "the responsible thing to do". He shows Hagar the way to save her dying son's life. He even blesses them. Then, He deals with the aftermath.

Like with Ishmael, just because there is an easy way out doesn't mean we're supposed to take it. We can trust God to handle the trouble that comes. He will provide. He will be faithful.

God doesn't look away from human darkness and sin. His plan clearly isn't to save us from trials and heartache. We want to go back to Eden, but God sees that it's not possible until heaven. Instead, God sent his son Jesus to enter our darkness and bring His light. He shows us that there IS hope, if we will only have faith in Him. He is the light.

Jesus' death on the cross was the opposite of the easy way out. It was cruel, violent, and arguably the worst thing our world has ever experienced. A perfect, sinless man was put to death after He had healed the sick, forgiven sins, and raised the dead.

If you are facing a hopeless decision today, God is with you. God will help you handle the difficulty that will come of doing the right thing. You do not have to believe the lies that tell you to "be responsible" and take the easy way out. The easy way out is a lie anyway. It's NOT easy. It scars your soul.

true responsibility will give you peace.

You can reach out to me, and I will pray with you through it. Even if the situation you're facing is a result of terrible choices you've made, you can talk to me. I promise that I will love you and keep what's precious to you in confidence.

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