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Parenting Perspective: The Fun Parent

Honest confession: I'm the fun parent in this family, but I'm also not.

What I mean by that is I'm the one who typically plans the fun. I conceive of it, arrange for it, and inform my husband that we're doing it. I make sure we're dressed appropriately, have our tickets and any other necessary supplies, and get us there on time. My husband is often the one who carries out the fun plans (sometimes grumbling under his breath about it the whole time) while I observe and take pictures. It's not ALWAYS the case, but it often is. My parenting perspective this week is about the fun parent.

I can do arts and crafts with the kids for hours without a break, a thing my husband would really rather throw up than do. I lay on the floor doing Pilates with them and we end up laughing until we cry because someone does something goofy. But then my husband surprises us and pulls out the four-wheeler, ties sleds to the back of it, and drives all over the snow-covered farm and the frozen pond with them screaming joyfully behind him.

It doesn't matter if you're the planner or the doer or both. It just matters that there's fun in your children's lives that doesn't involved screens. They need to get outside and experience nature, adventure, and play.

If you can travel with your kids, do so! Maybe they won't remember the specifics about the trip, but it will expand their horizons and give them a better understanding of the world. My parents didn't have much money when I was younger, but we still traveled. We camped instead of staying in hotels, and we ate in restaurants by sharing meals and drinking only water. They also made our home fun by giving us an ATV (four-wheeler), bikes, and games. We didn't have a lot of toys, but we appreciated what we had.

a family outside in the sun
Are you the fun parent?

If your spouse isn't the fun one, find ways to invite them into the fun. Figure out what they're good at and set up opportunities to have fun around those skills.

Don't underestimate the power of creating a fun environment for your children. It doesn't take a lot of money, and often it doesn't even take that much time. Think about how much fun you can have if you just stop what you're doing for 15 minutes and chase them around the house! We've all had a very stressful few years, but it's time to start living again. Be the fun parent! Take them on a bike ride to the park. Roast marshmallows in the fireplace. Read books in your most engaging tone of voice.

They'll never forget THAT.

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