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I'm So Sick of Running As Fast As I Can

While I was making my coffee this morning, a popular song was running through my head, so I stopped to listen to it better. In my head, that is. It was way too early for this. sick. beat.

"I'm so sick of running as fast as I can

Wondering if I'd get there quicker if I were a man...

When everyone believes you

Tell me, what's that like?"

Yeah, I thought. Where would I be today if I were a man? What's it like when everyone actually believes you?

The next thought that came to me was, "But HAVE you been running as fast as you can? No. You've been mothering, not hustling."

My head drooped a little. Who do you think you are? And then, GOD'S VOICE...

"Kimberly, you HAVE been running as fast as you can - mothering, writing, speaking, coaching, flipping houses, volunteering, learning to garden, preserve food, and make medicine, and learning about and advocating for special needs. I don't know many men who can do all that."


Shame off me. (This is the God we serve.)

If you're in a season where your attention is divided by the things you prayed for and God has given you, don't expect yourself to quickly climb all the other ladders, too. Not many people have gotten to the top of that ladder, and all of them will tell you they've made costly sacrifices to get where they are today.

I'm so thankful for the 12 years I've had with young children at home. My attention is still divided, even with them all in school, so I will continue to be kind to myself and do the best I can.

Contrary to current opinions, women are not men. (Shocking, I know.) We have a superpower they don't have - the ability to be a mother. There's no comparison.

As for me, I'm becoming aware that such divided attention hasn't been super-helpful for the things I'm MOST passionate about, so I'm currently subduing my desires to start a new coaching business just for pastor's families, register for a naturopathy certificate program, return to school to get a PhD, and run for the local school board. I mean, there's more, but I think you get the point.

Today, I want you to take a moment to hear what God has to say about you. Quiet yourself. Put your phone away, turn off all the screens, go for a walk outside if you can. Notice the world around you. Imagine that Jesus is walking right beside you. Ask Him what He has to say about where you are in life - and listen. Don't dismiss what you hear as your own imagination. If you aren't sure if it's God's voice you hear, check out this blog post for a detailed look into hearing the voice of God (or not).



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