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I Love a Rainy Day

Written April 28, 2012

You know those rainy, cold mornings when you just want to crawl back under the covers and cuddle with your husband? Well, if you aren’t female and married, maybe you don’t know? However, even when I was single I had this desire, including the husband part. I hated getting out of my nice, warm bed, getting ready, driving through the rain, dashing inside, and sitting at a desk, yawning.

So this morning may have been my most favorite morning in my whole life. It was raining, hard. It was cold outside. And it was really warm under the covers. I woke up and looked at the clock, laid back down, and moved across the bed to find my hubby. Snuggling close, I pulled the covers over my head and fell back asleep. We woke up late and lay in bed talking until we were ready to get up.

The song that was going through my head the entire time was that new Matt Redman one – “10,000 reasons for my heart to sing Your praise.” My life isn’t perfect, but that moment was. I can’t even remember now why I was so afraid to move to the farm and become a housewife. This is heaven.

Maybe that desire we all have to stay in bed on rainy days goes back to our agricultural roots? Farmers can’t do much when it rains. They might work in the barn, fixing or maintaining equipment, but they aren’t rushed to finish the project. It’s a natural way to take a break, removing guilt from their minds.

One day we hope to have babies running around, hollering for us to get up and take care of them. I think we’ll appreciate that as well. But for this morning, I’m just so thankful for the lack of responsibility and the joy of a lazy morning.

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