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Back to School!

After FIVE LONG MONTHS of quarantine, my kids went back to school last week! All three of them! It was a staggered start, so it wasn't exactly the quiet week I'd anticipated, but that's okay. We made it through.

I understand that many of you have really struggled to figure out what to do with your children now that school is starting back and we are still dealing with the ravages of COVID-19. Thankfully, we're in a rural area and our current case count is three. Total. We've only had one death in our county. Pair that with the fact that Redmond only receives the therapy he really needs from the school and desperately needs social interaction, and the decision to send them back was right for us. We feel confident that our school is taking precautions and trying their best to keep everyone safe.

Eliana is in second grade now and has lost her two front teeth. Charlie is in first grade and has suddenly gotten very tall. They're both going five days a week and riding the bus. Redmond is in preschool and going two mornings a week. He's too little to put on the bus, so we drive him. On the first day of school, he went up to each child lined up to wash their hands and happily said, "Hi!" He was very happy to be with people other than us!

This is their first full week of school and we're going to be figuring it out as we go. This morning I forgot to remind them that Charlie gets picked up on Mondays for his Ninja class, so that was awesome. Poor Eliana, desperate to keep the bus at school until someone found Charlie... Mother-of-the-Year. Of course, we also had an incident with Eliana. She decided to stick a pen into her cast, lid first, and when she pulled out the pen, the lid stayed. So on the second day of school for her, she had to leave to go to the doctor. Thankfully, her pediatrician was able to pull it out without needing to take off the cast and redo the whole thing again. And I wonder why my eye is twitching.

I'd love to know what your plans for your family are and why that's the best thing for you. No judgement here! I'm just genuinely curious about what everyone else is doing.

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Kimberly Wyse
Kimberly Wyse
Aug 31, 2020

Jackie, I'm so glad to hear that Lauren will get to go back to school. Redmond was out of therapy almost entirely for five months and was so ready when we finally got him into speech. I'm looking forward to seeing all the changes he makes now that he's getting it every week again. I hope you see awesome advancements in Lauren too.


My kids are going in person, too! Our district is virtual for the first 3 weeks, then (hopefully, depending on numbers here, we have had a lot of cases) will transition to in person. Luckily, special ed services for kids in self-contained classrooms start back the second week of school. Lauren will get to go to school for half days and will resume her school therapy services! Our school year starts September 8th!

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